About Firstdub

    Firstdub is an online music library where you can buy and sell music.

    It was launched out of a passion to develop a platform for musicians and vocalist to control and earn an income from their music, whilst at the same time, creating a large and diverse library of music for film projects, video games, songwriters and the public.

    Using the latest technology, Musicians, Producers and Artists are able to share their music across the internet with their own personalised Music Store, which is compatible with smart phones, iPads and Tablets

    The Firstdub platform also maintains high-encryption security, providing detailed sales statistics, a profile page and instant payments on every sale

    Musicians, Producers and Artists can open an account for free and they retain all their creative rights, making Firstdub a great opportunity to expand their audience, interact with music buyers and generate an income from their musical endeavours

    UK Company Registration Number 09406569