What Is The Artist?

  • The Artist is the term Firstdub use for the individual, group of individuals or organisation which has uploaded music
  • Multiple Artists working together can create a single Artist Page
  • Artists can have more than one Artist Page, one has an individual and one has part of a group or production team
  • The Artist retains full ownership, copyright and control of their music


  • The Artist confirms they are the owner or has been granted authority by the owner(s) to upload the music on Firstdub and all music files provided will not infringe any intellectual property rights
  • The Artist confirms this agreement and the music uploaded does not interfere with any legal representation of a publisher or record label

What is The Music Buyer?

  • The Music Buyer is the term Firstdub use for the person(s) or organization which has purchased a recording


  • Free subscribers receives 70% of the sale price
  • Paid subscribers receive 100% of the sale price
    (Subscription is £9.99 per month)
  • Artist are eligible for Publishing Royalties Payments


  • The Artist agrees to upload

    The Song or Instrumental as a stereo music file - Mp3 or Wav file

  • For a Track-Out
    The Song or Instrumental as a stereo music file - Mp3 or Wav file
    And each of the instruments on their own separate stereo music file

  • The Artist agrees that no offensive or sexual explicit material or content will be uploaded to this website and Firstdub has the right to remove any material or content it deems as inappropriate


  • The Artist confirms the uploaded recordings do not contain any unauthorized Samples
  • Any Artist which wants to upload a recording that contains samples, must be certain the samples are royalty-free and cleared for use, including where necessary securing permission from the copyright owner
  • The Artist confirms if samples are used which require permission from third parties, all necessary consents have been obtained by the Artist and there are no outstanding claims or provisions
  • The Artist confirms Firstdub is not responsible for any copyrighted material uploaded and Firstdub has no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples and cannot be held liable for any sampled or falsely presented recording


  • The Artist is aware they have the right to collect royalty payments on their music that has been broadcast, adapted, manufactured or duplicated
  • The Artist is aware it is their responsibility to ensure their music has been registered with their Performance Rights Organization, in order to receive royalties
  • Artist can still upload their music if they are not a member of a Performance Rights Organization but by joining a Performing Rights Organization the Artist are eligible to collect Performance Royalties
  • The Artist is responsible of issuing any additional licenses required

  • Firstdub absolves all responsibility in regards to any royalty payments
  • The Artist confirms to give the correct publishing details in regards to music uploaded
  • The Artist is entitled to be credited by the Music Buyer in any publishing, distribution, performance of their music


  • Firstdub will use reasonable efforts to keep all music or content safe and stored on encrypted servers but Firstdub cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any music or content uploaded to its website
  • The Artist agrees that Firstdub will not be held responsible financially for any losses incurred to the Artist for the loss or damage of any data or content uploaded to its website this includes but not limited to loss of earnings
  • The Artist agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Firstdub free and harmless against any and all claims, suits, liability, loss, damage, judgments, recoveries, costs, expenses and attorney's fees made or brought, paid, or incurred directly or indirectly by any party in connection with the uploading of music or content
  • Artists that are paid subscribers confirm that once a subscription payment has been paid there will be no refund of the subscription fee for any reason
    Subscription can be cancelled at any time via the Artist Upload Page

The Artist grants the Music Buyer the rights to

  • Synchronize with multimedia productions
    e.g. animations, games, apps, film, TV and internet videos

  • Use for radio, internet and television advertising
  • Use for commercial and non- commercial film productions not exceed £1,000,000
    Productions over £1,000,000 requires an additional license direct from the Artist

  • Broadcast on radio and television networks
  • Broadcast on internet websites and radio streams

  • Use for public performance or background music to an audience

  • Add additional sounds and instruments
  • Add vocals (Instrumentals only)
  • Edit by shortening, stretching or looping

  • Manufacture, duplicate or sell up to 5,000 units
    Units means products containing the music
    e.g. animations, games, apps, films, TV and internet videos and all other forms of media
    Units over 5,000 will require an additional license direct from the Artist

  • Unlimited use the Music in accordance with this agreement
  • The Artist agrees that by uploading their music or content on the Firstdub website that they agree to the Terms and Conditions for Artists as set out above
Download these Terms and Conditions as a PDF